How to Supercharge Conversion Rates With Your Website

supercharge-conversion-ratesCongratulations!  Your website is launched and is getting decent traffic. However, the analytics are telling another story; one of high bounce rates and little in the way of improved sales or leads. 

If you’re a website owner, digital marketer, or sales professional, you understand the criticality and challenge to improving your online conversion rates. Here are some basic tips for turning your web traffic into solid business leads.

Have a Strong and Unique Value Proposition

Online users decide within a matter of seconds whether they want to continue on your site or bounce to a competitor’s site. A strong and unique value proposition that sets you apart from the competition should be the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your site.

Create Succinct Content

When your content is succinct, customer-focused, strategically placed, and directed at your target audience, you generate leads. Know your audience and generate content around the type of information they are looking for.

Be Social

Take advantage of the multitude of social channels out there to promote your brand and gain followers. Make use of testimonials, case studies, and video to further build credibility and trust.

Build on an Easy-to-Manage CMS

Your website should be built on a Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easy for non-technical personnel to update content. It’s important to keep your content fresh and relevant. Enabling your business users to do so is imperative.

Add Calls to Action

On practically every page of your site, you should be guiding visitors towards taking a desired action such as filling out a form, calling for more information, sharing via social media, or purchasing a product or service. If asking for information from your visitors, require only the minimal amount since your success rate decreases the more you make mandatory.

Implement a Robust Search Tool

Plain and simple, if visitors can’t easily find what they are looking for, they will go to your competitor. Ensure your site search is robust and returns relevant results. If you have a large product catalog, make use of filtering and faceted navigation. Finally, your product detail pages should offer useful and easy to understand information. After all, you succeeded in getting them to the point of considering a purchase…don’t lose it because your product information is subpar.

Those are some basic tips and guidelines. Other more advanced techniques such as implementing A/B testing, creating a sales funnel, and offering upsell opportunities can further enhance your chances of turning a visitor into a customer.

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